If they show sports events at bars why don’t they show tv shows?

someone should get to making a fandom bar.

no but can you imagine? fandom themed drinks, tv show maraton nights, discount to cosplayers, and special season finale events.



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So, tech week from hell was worth it in the end. We just finished opening weekend and it was amazing, only minimal issues on my end. The TD helped me opening night with some on the fly eq (he added some compression to all the mics and 3/4 way through the show realized only the center house mics were producing sound and fixed it). Saturday went fine. Yesterday’s show was great, despite everyone being so tired. I actually got applause for my sound work on “I got you beat” (for those that don’t know the show, it’s a sequence of farts and burps, hahaha). I did get overexcited during “I’m a believer” and had some feedback issues with the floor/hanging mics and dragon’s handheld mic, but I just brought it all down and creeped the hangings back up. I think what I love most about this digital board is we have a setting for the pit and monitors, and then a setting for stage so that I can mix vocals without much work on the pit. But, if I need more piano for a song, I can just slide up the keys slider and it ups the piano in the monitors without blasting the house out (we set it so no sound was going through the house speakers from the pit because they’re hot on this show)

Possibly the best thing was the hugs and appreciation from the director, and the little bunch of flowers one of the parent bought for me. The director told me “you saved our asses” a bunch of times, and possibly the best one was “that’s the best the sound mixing theres been in YEARS”. He’s trying to get me set up for the November kids show, “monster in my closet”, and there’s also a cabaret and next summer is “annie”. I’m hoping by then to maybe design for annie. And then of course I’ll be running the board again. My current theatee schedule at my main one is follow spot for “my fair lady” and sound engineer/board op for “shrek” again(I’ll be back with my mentor for that so at least I can insist that my board partner be the sound cue player while I focus on vocal mixing). I’m also planning on sound or follow spot for “crazy for you” unless they let me stage manage that one, and then I’ll play for showboat like I have been the last three years. I have yet to hear about stage management, assistant lighting designer, and master electrician for shows, but my main place is still trying to find directors and a new lighting intern, so it’s a waiting game at this point.

Long story short, I think I might be being fought over haha

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  • 3 days ago

Still quite overwhelmed, but once I get these sound cues down, we will be great for Friday! The director gave me a huge hug last night and told me anytime I wanted to come back I could because it was sounding great. So yay! I think some of my anxieties are because of the sound cues. All the mics except one are working, and we have working hanging and floor mics. Finally found out why sound cues were so quiet, they weren’t in the monitors, so now I have to go through tonight and work that a little. I just wish we had more than two nights for run throughs…I was there till midnight last night because the scene changes were so slow.

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  • 6 days ago
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Okay, I thought tech was progressively get better and smoother during the week, not crash to a halt 3 days before opening. I’m so stressed right now.

Mics reset themselves and frequencies got all messed up. The entire headset system got knocked out again - turns out there’s a short in the sl panel. Had to reset the system. Phantom power to the floor mics got turned off. Farquaad’s mic was so screwed up I couldn’t use it all at. Fiona’s was for a while as well. I still didn’t get a mic check. I had to instead spend my time chasing down actors and writing in sound cues in the script. I was thrown sound cues in a program I’ve had no time to learn. One of the mics won’t turn on unless I select it on the board, and turn it on manually via the digital panel. I still have to make my preshow, post show, mic assignment list. I still have to write my mic check schedule.

I think I’m just going to curl up in a ball and cry now. I have to show up almost four hours before house opens just to do all of this. This is all experience, right? This will be worth it, right?

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  • winter-is-coming-for-hitlerHey I saw your Shrek the Musical post and though I can't offer help, I just want you to know that I know the pain. My school has basically nothing. All we have is two mics on the ceiling on downstage right and downstage left. And costumes are mostly what we bring in and we usually have to wear just normal clothes for whatever we do.
  • Thanks for the support! Yeah, they’re wanting me to so about 90% of a sound designer and sound engineers job on my own and it’s quite the learning curve. I’m trying to stay positive and just use this as experience (I’m doing basically the same thing at my regular theatre in November but I will be overseen by my mentor) for my portfolio.

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So, tech from hell: a little better today. But barely. I was accidentally locked out of the building, ending up getting a half hour behind on my “preshow” (I use that loosely. I have not established a preshow yet because of all the chaos and disorganization). We had 9 mics, and 7 more coming tomorrow. The floor mics are finally working and the 4th adapter was found. Headsets and body packs for crew finally are working. Turns out the screws on the body packs fall out pretty easy, which is a shame for how expensive they are. Backstage mic set up. Hanging mics will be up tomorrow because I do not feel comfortable climbing on the band shell - someone else can kill themselves on it.

We were short like 6 mic belts, so trying to fit all the people sharing mics plus the leads and those not sharing mics was a pain in the ass. Like, they’re doing warmups and I’m trying to get mics in packs and run wires up the backs of costumes…bah. The TD helped me at least get the pit eq’ed, which was a lifesaver. I finally found some decent mic placements for Fiona and donkey, and we had sound cues! Well, some. What I really need is those cues in the sm’s book and have him cuing me via headset(it’s what I’m used to but I’ll wing it for now), because there is not enough space or light at that board to put a script with the cues written in. Plus, I need to cut up the “preshow ambiance” (birds and forest sounds) since the director wants those sounds in all the forest scenes under dialogue as well. Currently it’s running on a laptop hooked up to the board and everything is in a windows media player playlist, which, as I abruptly found out goes right to the next cue if you don’t pause it. There’s a “boing” sound that happens when the little duloc mascot runs from shrek and crashes, and I thought the cue would stop, and all of a sudden you hear this loud dragon roar, which was the next cue. I made shrek break character because he started laughing so much, haha.

So, tumblr theatre people who know sound and microphones and such: currently our shrek has a full face mask. Any ideas on a good mic placement? On the cheek muffles it a lot and it just got worse and worse the entire time throughout “big bright beautiful world”. Pinocchio is getting a mask tomorrow (I think I might go forehead with her depending on what the mask looks like), and donkey might have some kind of muzzle if it will stay on (currently on cheek also). Fiona also might have a prosthetic eyebrow forehead for her ogre transformation in the wedding scene (depends if they can get her in the fat suit, dress, and ears in roughly seven lines. Currently miced on cheek due to not being able to hardly hear her when it was on the forehead). Farquaard is miced on forehead and it worked very well. Any recommendations?

Tentatively, the following are miced per directors request(a few have to share). It’s also super late and I can’t remember quite everyone lol.

Gingy/dragon/then back to gingy for freak flag
Mama ogre/young Fiona/blind mouse 1
Papa ogre/ teen Fiona/ blind mouse 2
Queen/blind mouse 3
Sugar plum fairy
Captain of guard
Humpty Dumpty
Wicked witch
Mama bear
Ugly duckling

If I don’t have enough mics someone else will have to share but I will tackle that tomorrow.

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I made it through the tech from hell. Learned a LOT, but I’m so unimpressed by the lack of organization with this company. Sound should have been loaded in before Sunday, or you should have at least had those body packs ready for me to put in belts and on these actors. I, as a volunteer crew member, should not have been coming in at 9am to do your load in. I suspect part of tomorrow will be me putting in hanging mics, but maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised. It probably won’t stop me from doing next summers show, but you best believe I am putting sound engineer on my resume for this summers show. I spent all morning on the phone with my mentors at my regular theatre trying to learn this board, trying to get them extra wireless mics, and extra lights. Like I did SO much. It’s only Sunday, things can only go up, right? I’m coming in 2 and a half hours early tonight to get stuff done. We still need a band mic check, we need a legitimate mic check for at least the 8 currently miced actors, I need to get mic placements set….gah. I just keep telling myself that this is all experience that will prove I’m passionate enough for the program trying to get into. And I suppose it will look good in my portfolio as well, lol

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Learning curve is an understatement. How did i go from running follow spot to not only loading in sound, but running sound on a digital board, something I’ve never done before? I won’t back down from the challenge, but this is such a disorganized mess.

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